Drop Your Pants Here Collapsible Laundry Basket


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Make Laundry A Little Fun

OK Laundry isn’t fun! But at least you will smile with the cheeky artwork.


Standard Size : 14"x17"x26" , Folded Size : 14"x17"x2"

Large Capacity

The size of this laundry organizer is 14"x17"x26" which is just the right size to hang in most standard size closets, RVs, camping closets, hotel room closet etc. It is large enough to hold a whole week of clothes without getting out of shape.

Strong Handles & Portable

This laundry basket comes with two strong, easy to hold aluminium handles which can be used to hang on any hanging rod to keep dirty clothes out of sight. It can help you organize your closet, floor, laundry room wardrobe, etc. The hanging closet storage bag also has easy to carry around handle making it truly portable.

Quality Material & Workmanship

This laundry basket is made of strong Oxford Fabric (no fragile mesh material) with PU base, which is tested for abrasion resistance, tearing strength, seam strength, rip resistance which guarantees the durability of our hamper for closet. With double stitching reinforcement this closet laundry hamper is long lasting.


The wide top opening makes it convenient to drop in dirty clothes. The laundry bag is a great space saving solution for small spaces, college dorms, closet, etc. The absence of a collapsible frame in its design facilitates the folding of the hanging hamper into a compact form, you can pack it in your small bags for your travels.

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    Let’s be honest, laundry isn't an exciting thing! So we are forgiven that we don't want to think about it too often. This is why we at the Fine Living Company USA have done the thinking for you to make your laundry life a lot more easier. We have created a large size Laundry Hamper bag to allow you to get on with your life and make it easier for you when you do need to go to the Laundromat.


    • You are sure to make people smile or start conversations with the cheeky graphics on the side of this hamper.
    • Perfect for college students to make even the most mundane tasks fun. Go to the laundromats and get talking to people around you. Brilliant ice-breaker.
    • No longer will laundry be boring.


    This Laundry Hamper is made from premium grade materials that were selected for their strength and durability.

    • Premium quality material selected for its Strength and Durability.
    • Double layered for a stronger and more ridged laundry hamper.
    • Aluminium handles with neoprene padding for a comfortable carry.
    • Weighted base for extra rigidity

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    Massive 81L Capacity

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    Stand Up Design

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    This Hamper Has All The Features